Our Story

In 2011, SnagMob began with a single mission: How can we best connect local business owners and local nonprofit organizations to their community?

We’ve discovered how by using a combination of traditional and nontraditional methods:

1 – Direct Mail Magazine. Our direct mail magazine uses paid advertising to connect business owners with their desired customers. We deliver our magazines via direct mail to the highest income homes in our communities. Our glossy, stylish covers and content engage our sophisticated audience, and our portability (6.25 x 9 inches) is perfect to have lying on the kitchen counter, in a purse or kept in the car.

2 – Community Content. Our website is designed around the idea that the community can learn more about their local businesses and nonprofits. Our event calendar, local savings pages and articles about community leaders, curious local finds and positive news creates a natural hub of community information.

3 – Digital Marketing Automation. Using data we’ve collected from our popular website, we can retarget local audiences to the brands and local businesses that they have expressed an interest, thus leading to connectivity and engagement between local business and local customer.